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custom board game
ticket to ride, cuba

A friend requested a custom Ticket to Ride board game based in Cuba in order to play with his Cuban family (who love board games, especially the Ticket to Ride franchise).


This project turned out to be quite a bit of work, but it was an incredible amount of fun. There was extreme detail for every piece of the game, and everything had to maintain the look and feel of a real Ticket to Ride board game. The routes went from Havana to Camagüey, which was the hometown of my client's family.

I researched several Ticket to Ride games to have an authentic feel for every element. All train routes are the exact specs for each track, including colors and icons inside of the tracks as well as the outer design which determines that specific track's playability. I designed all printed pieces while my client handled the mechanics of the board routes and point system to ensure it would play as a "real" Ticket to Ride game. Artwork was sourced from Shutterstock or created by me. For printing, I sourced an independent prototype game shop and coordinated all printing.

*Board game was not sold—only made for personal use. I cannot sell this or any other Ticket to Ride version due to copyright. Original board game ideas are welcome!

project vibe

rustic, authentic, mimic the style of a real Ticket to Ride game


40" x 20" board  -  storage box  -  2 different sets of playing cards  -  single and double tuckboxes  -  rules manual

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