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NAEYC tradeshow
tradeshow booth and poster design

NAEYC is the largest early childhood education conference in the world, and is a sea of booths with stock photos of the same children and teachers. It was imperative that this booth stood out. Gryphon House is a book publisher, and I wanted that to be obvious at first glance.

The concept I developed for this design revolved around a warm, cozy bookstore. I was all about the details—every item was life-size, down to the books on the shelves, and I even matched the wood grain on the shelves to match the physical ones in the booth. Throughout the graphics I hid surprises for people to discover, such as a friendly spider dangling from a web, which enticed people to look closer and spend more time in the booth. This booth was overall a huge hit and stood out against all of the other tradeshow exhibits. One attendee wanted their picture taken in front of the tower because they loved it so much!

All illustrations were sourced from Shutterstock and pieced together, minus a few of the white illustrations that I drew.

project vibe

eye-catching to stand out in a sea of the same photography


2-16' towers, double sided  -  8-7' corner panels  -  3-10.75" x 16.75" activity station signs  -  various section signage and tall bookshelf side banners

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