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letters from an american soldier during WWII
historical family book

I found a shoebox full of letters from my Grandpa to my Gma from the early to mid-1940s. As I read through them, not only did I admire the historical significance of these letters, I also realized there was an unfolding love story during the most tumultuous time in recent history. I wanted to honor their story and make a memorable gift for my family.

I formed a story that spoke to his experiences during bootcamp and his time overseas. I also included letters that spoke to how hard it was to be away from your loved ones for so long, which was evident in the beautiful poetry he wrote. 

For the design, it was important to me that his handwriting be featured when possible, so I photographed and superimposed his letters onto stock photography. I sprinkled in photos taken during his service and furloughs, and used some from their life afterwards. In this shoebox there were  also newspaper articles and money that I used throughout this book as well. Once the design was complete, I sourced an online printer and gave these as surprise gifts to my family.

*Fun fact: each postmark in the left corner matches the date and location (if applicable) of the letter featured on that spread.

project vibe

vintage, historical


8" x 8", full color. 42 pgs. + cover

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