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book cover & interior design

This book helps educators first identify mental- or behavioral-health issues in children and then guides them on how to create nurturing, safe, and successful learning environments. To be respectful to this topic, the design couldn't be sad or depressing. Watercolor was used to give a calm appearance. For the front and back covers, I used artwork from an amazing artist on Shutterstock, and I pieced together watercolor letters for the title. For the background I used an off-white paper texture so it would have a little more character.

For the interior, I needed to keep printing costs low, so I incorporated a spot purple + black instead of 4-color process. To get the result I envisioned, I edited the channels of the purple and black in Photoshop, which created more of a 4-color look because it would allow the colors to "blend" when printed and give a wide range of light and dark values. To make the cover and interior a cohesive piece, I used the same artist's artwork throughout.

project vibe

calm, respectful, a tad playful to balance the topic


7" x 10", 2 color, 136 pgs.

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