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yearbook themes
cover & interior designs for a yearbook web app

I engaged in design work for a Silicon Valley web app company that specializes in yearbooks for the internet generation. My responsibilities included conceptualizing and designing more than two dozen unique themes, comprising a total of 45 inspirational spreads and 30 coordinating graphics each. Subsequently, I developed mockups to provide schools with a visualization of the potential design of their yearbook upon completion. To date, I have successfully crafted themes for two different school seasons.

Most artwork was sourced from Shutterstock, and some I created.


vibrant nostalgia


Maximalist was a coordinated effort with Creative Director, Junior Designer, and myself. The Director came up with the theme, and the junior designer picked all of the 200+ individual graphics. My specific role was to design all 45 inspirational spreads plus cover, using the provided graphics, as well as picking additional graphics when necessary.


retro free form

more covers

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